Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer fun June/July 2012

 At the Zoo, we got to see the brand new baby Giraffe. Then came home and later had fresh carrots from our garden. Check out the size of that yellow one that Jack is holding!

My girls on July 4th.
 Picnicking with Dana and kids near Seven Falls. I love this picnic spot.
 My Ellie.

Awe .. a friendship in the making.

Awe ... Claire so sweet hugging her friend, Nora. And then: "here try this" "no really it's good". I can already see the trouble we'll have with this one.

We actually rode the sky ride during this recent zoo trip in June.  Such great views of our city.
 You go girl!
 Claire, cheesy grin and all... with the great view behind her.
 I love this pic of my little one.
 Ahhhh.... fierce.
 Our three.
 Ethan and Elie got tasked with work while we visited the reptile house. They got to help clean out the frog tank.
 You could still spot the Waldo Canyon Fires.
 All tuckered out!

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