Sunday, July 17, 2011

Camp out with the Huxtables

Emily, Colin, Ethan and Ellie hanging out on the stream. They had such a blast playing together all weekend.

Can you see Ethan way up in there?

Below, our pop ups at the camp site.

Behind Ellie you can see "THE TREE" that the kids had there secret lair in.

Ethan spent most of the time in or around the freezing stream.

Claire did pretty well at her 2nd camp out.

Again the four amigos playing.

Ethan here is riding the sky ride.

Emily loved playing with Claire. She was a great help with Claire practicing her walking skills.

At the top of the sky ride. And below, the whole group up top.

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Ethan fishing

Aunt Tammy will be so proud. Ethan turned out to be quite the fisher-boy on this trip. He caught 4 different fish. I think they were "brookies" some kind of small trout.

He loved it!

Silly fishy face.

My kind of afternoon.

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Around the house

What in the world is this? My children helping out?


Claire has been practicing walking with her big bro and big sis.

Ellie being silly.
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July 4th week

Kaden, Ellie, Halle , Ethan and Kristin are pictured here riding the carousel at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

In early July I stared to see some of the fruits of my labor.

Claire's first ride. I turned my head one moment and the next thing I know... Aunt Kristin has Claire and Halle riding the little Train at the Zoo. I think Claire liked it.

But what Claire loved- WATERMELON!!! This girl was coo coo for the good 'ol 4th of July favorite.

And boy can she make a mess!

Ellie helped me catch up on some strawberry picking.

And what better way to enjoy our harvest than to make some warm strawberry crisp over vanilla ice cream.
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

We are Back!

Greetings fans! Sorry that its been so long. I will try to post a few pics from our past summer weeks over the next few days. Enjoy. The photo above was taken today at Palmer Park. Finally, all 5 of us together.
Above, is a photo from Richards backpacking trip here in Colorado.

A little hike at the Academy.