Saturday, July 26, 2008

Camping at Ruby Mountain with Mimi and Papa

My parents bought a Airstream and drove on up for a holiday in the Rockies.We took our pop-up and the Airstream for a little camping trip to Buena Vista. Apparently pronounced "byoona vista" by the locals. We had a great time. We hiked and explored and fished... The kids had fun.. so did Ethan and Ellie.
Breakfast at Ruby Mountain campground. Ellie chasing Chip monks
Mimi and Papa At the top of the Agnes Vaille Falls hike.
Ellie and her love of horses. She was so excited to get to go pet some here at the YOUNG LIFE camp right outside the Mt Princeton trail head. Richard decided we could take the off road trail up the mountain. I got a little vertigo and had to get out and walk down. Mom and I enjoyed the hike down the Mountain- which I prefer by foot rather than vehicle. I just do not like to be in Cars that high up with drop offs. No thank you!
Say cheese!
Feeding the chip monks at St Elmo. Ethan and Ellie loved it!

Mimi too.
Richard, "Getting the fly wet"...
ETHAN getting the "fly wet" .. Aunt Tammy should be so proud!
Agnes Vaille Falls.
Another great hike named after a courageous frontier woman.

Monday, July 21, 2008

More Manitou...

Manitou Springs is a picturesque mountain village at the foot of the Rockies on the southwest side of Colorado Springs. It's nice to walk around visit shops and grab a bite to eat.
Ethan was pretty impressed with this cowboy's gun slinging abilities.

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Manitou Springs with Mimi and Papa

Summer fun in the Sun
I had to throw in this pool picture of the kids. Just because they've been spending a lot of time out there. ... and seem to love it. And yes, Ellie does have a bathing suit... I just never quite get it on her before she runs out to get wet. I think she likes feeling "free". Ethan is the opposite , he has to have a shirt and shorts on to swim.
Ellie, Window Shopping while strolling down the streets of Manitou Springs. She is so independent, and has to walk on her own as we shop. Ethan preferred riding in the stroller.

My mom sipping from the "healing waters" of the Manitou Springs
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Drum set #3

Okay, so we are suckers for good deals. Rich went to Good Will yesterday searching for something, I'm not quite sure what. But he immediately found this treasure. and as we are avidly trying to encourage a love/talent for music in our kids.... we knew Ethan would love to resume his passion for drumming. He has already pounded his way through two cheap toddler drum sets. So we thought it time to get a "good" set and see if he really embraces this talent. If so we'll eventually get him some lessons. Until then, we have Ethan and the drums quarantined in the guest bedroom with the doors shut. Surprise Ethan!
Ellie, with a somewhat natural smile and ... My roses are turning out quite nice. you can see a few of the bushes along the fence behind Missy. I really love this one in the vase.
He has a pretty good rhythm going.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Josh, Kristin, Kaden and Halle visit us!

We visited Helen Hunt-Jackson Falls. One of our favorite short hikes to a great view. We also went to Garden of the Gods. Where Ethan and Kaden had fun chasing after chickmunks.
Helen Hunt Falls. In 1900ish Named after a poetess, writer, advocate for local native tribes and land.
Garden of the Gods. Caving/rock climbing(sort of)
Awe, baby Halle. Ellie and Ethan are so proud to have a new baby cousin.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nanny's Birthday weekend in Texas

Ellie and I flew down to Houston for the weekend to celebrate Nanny's 86th Birthday. We had a wonderful time catching up with family. We miss everyone and hope all come to Colorado to visit soon.