Monday, March 14, 2011

Blue Bell comes to Colorado Springs

Ok, SO I was on my way to Ethan's school this morning when low and behold I found a Blue Bell Ice cream truck in front of me. Yahooooo! They have arrived! For those of you who do not have pleasure of knowing Blue Bell. It is somewhat of a cultural Icon to Texans. And we are happy to have that little bit of home here in our new home of Colorado. So I dropped Ethan off and took Ellie ( in jammies) and Claire right on over to the Walmart that I had seen the truck pull out of. And there I found the heavens shining down on this case full of Blue Bell. Hallelujah!
We made our selection of the new Colorado inspired Rocky Mountain Road.

Off we go home to try out our new treat.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another big milestone

Well, my baby boy is really growing up. Ethan lost his first tooth this week. He was elated and fearful at the same time. So precious. I know he'll be in grown up before I know it, so I am desperatly trying to savor his sweetness in all the little boy moments that I can capture. Both E's love to dote on Claire. This is during one of their story times with her.
We got out on this nice day. Out to Bear Creek rec area. A nice hike. A picnic. Good times.
Cool rock on this trail.
Sasha was so happy to be out with us. oops she is not in this one. she must have been right out of the shot.