Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Fun

So, I've been a little behind on pics of the kids lately... I thought I'd throw some up for all you complainers. Lunch outside... See, it does get warm enough here in the winter to play outside.
AH HA!... and the angels from heaven ... rejoiced... We found Blue Bell In Estes Park! I had the strawberry cheescake flavor, R , of course Rocky Road, Ethan had Mint Chocolate chip and Ellie had banana split flavor.... All so yummy
I just thought these apples looked so good...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hiking Blodgett Peak (but not on the trail)

An adventure...to say the least. So, what started out as a nice, little hike to the top of Blodgett peak at 9,423 ft., ended up being a long journey up a mountain with no trails. Rich decided to do the trail from The Academy. The trail was visible in the begining but soon proved to be lost under a blanket of snow. So Derek and Richard decided to just "make their way" up the Mountain. After 3.5 hours up. They Finally made it... but not directly, they peaked on two other Mts first. But eventually did get to their destination.
On the way they came across the wreckage of the old '44 airplane crash.

On the way down... They just sort of boot skied down dodging trees and boulders. Both Rich and Derek took on bruises and scars from this strenuous hike/boot ski down. Below you can see some of their tracks.
Here they are on the summit. They didn't even know what layed ahead. From this point they could spot the Dodge down on The AF Academy road below. This trail proved my more difficult than the Blogett open space trail. Next time we'll do that one.
There is a nice view of the city below.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Derek comes for a visit

We finally got our great friend, Derek to come out for a visit. It's been fun. We have so much more to do.. So I'll post more pics later Here Derek is at the Garden of the Gods and then...holding up balance rock. Yes, he is that strong.. It must be those kettle bell work outs.

Ethan, looking very serious, with Derek .
Vote Now: Should Derek move out here to Colorado? What do you think?
And yes, Ladies... he is single.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Snow play with our new Puppy

SO, having a puppy in the house is almost like having an infant (not quite). No really our new little precious is very sweet and so soft and cuddly. The kids have taken to her pretty well. Introducing Sasha, our new Aussie-Poo puppy. She is part Australian Shepherd/part Standard Poodle
She should grow to be a medium size dog.
She loves to play in the snow. And loves to try "hearding" Ethan and Ellie. And runs all over the backyard...back and forth. Hopefully we'll have her trained soon.