Monday, January 5, 2009

Snow play with our new Puppy

SO, having a puppy in the house is almost like having an infant (not quite). No really our new little precious is very sweet and so soft and cuddly. The kids have taken to her pretty well. Introducing Sasha, our new Aussie-Poo puppy. She is part Australian Shepherd/part Standard Poodle
She should grow to be a medium size dog.
She loves to play in the snow. And loves to try "hearding" Ethan and Ellie. And runs all over the backyard...back and forth. Hopefully we'll have her trained soon.


Kristen said...

I remember puppies...You are right. They are almost like having a baby! They are fun though. I hope she is with your family for a long time.

2p said...

I've always said, if I get a dog I want a Labradoodle. Your aussi-poo ls beautiful.

The Thomas' said...

What a sweet puppy! Good luck with training :)

Kim said...

Hey, haven't popped in in a long time. . . that puppy is ADORABLE!!!!!

Hope life is treating you well!