Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rocky Mountain Adventures...

Can I tell you that .... I LOVE WHITE WATER RAFTING!!!!... We had so much fun! I had to take a little dip. Although it was cold and misty ... the water was so inviting!

I don't have any rapid pics because I was a little busy paddling during those dangerous moments... but I did sneak the plastic wrapped camera out during the calm.
My parents just concluded a 5 week journey through the Rockies. They hiked , camped and enjoyed driving across some of God's most beautiful creation. Cheers to retirement!
One last Olympic picture since we are drawing to a close. i have to say... I enjoyed it more this year than any year in the past. The sports were fantastic. I love seeing athletes compete that I never get the chance to see.... like gymnasts, swimmers, decathletes etc.... I can't wait for '12 to see Phelps collect again. Its been great but finally I will be over my O.S.D (Olympic Sleep Deprivation) Congrats to all the athletes out there and those aspiring to be!
Did I say? : I LOOOOOVE WHITE WATER RAFTING! It was so fun!

Garden of the Gods visit with Grandma

Our little climber.

We had such a wonderful visit with Grandma. Or as Ellie calls her, Pokey. She is already soo missed.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tribute to the Olympics '08

We went over to the Olympic Training Center today. It is one of three in the Nation. I guess you could say that we were inspired. Like much of America we have been glued to the TV watching Michael Phelps conquer the world. And of course enjoying all of the other events along the way.
On your Mark!
we couldn't beleive how much smaller the gymnastics floor actually was than how it looks on TV. EThan tested the springs out.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ethan's First day of Pre-School

Ethan getting his first hair cut at the Barber a few days before school starts Last night we went up to Crystal Park (beautiful Mountain community) to visit Aunt Linda and Uncle Johnny. Daddy took us all on an ATV ride. SO fun! Oh did I mention we are having a blast with Grandma visiting? Ellie has decided to call her : "Pokey"
Okay, so this is this morning right before E and I went to school. He loves his new red backpack and and even took an apple to his teach for the first day of school. (His Idea)
Here is Ethan in his class room WIth his teacher Mrs Abbs. He was ready and said to me ..." Mommy, I thought you were leaving!" Over all he did really well, just a little bit of nerves before we went in. I can't beleive my little boy is growing up so fast.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Young Pro tour visit with Natalie

Yahoo! We were finally able to catch up with Natalie, our neice, last night in Fowler , Colorado. Natalie has been touring with Young Pros Rodeo group. They are a part of the Joshua Cowboy Ministries. She has been traveling all over the west. Teaching her roping skills and doing Bible studies with youth around the country.
Ethan preffered to check out thebig truck rather than the horses. He was scared that they would make loud noises.