Monday, February 22, 2010

Ethan's first time snow skiing

More fun with aunt Whitney and uncle Randy. They went up to Monarch.
Ethan had a great time skiing today.
He was a natural.

A special , well deserved treat.

Daddy and Ethan hitting the slopes.

Friday, February 19, 2010

More fun with Whitney and Randy in the snow

Fun with Daddy

On the ice

Ellie not so happy.

Ice Skating at Farish

SO much fun! Ethan and Ellie's first attempt at ice skating. Ethan's first time out on the frozen pond. Well, Richard and Randy are their father's sons. They had to show off the inherited athletic abilities and put it to the test with a race across the pond.
All pooped out... in need of oxygen.
Rich and Ethan having fun.

goofin' off
Ellie didn't really love it like her big brother did. Maybe when she is a little older we'll try again.

Sledding at Farish

Uncle Randy and Aunt Whitney have come to town for a visit. Today , we headed up near Woodland Park to Farish Camp Ground/Park. The kids got to try out their new sled. It was so fun. A little scary when daddy took them down a steep first hill. But they soon got the hang of it.

Ethan loved it. Uncle Randy displayed a how to properly crash.