Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ethan's First day of Pre-School

Ethan getting his first hair cut at the Barber a few days before school starts Last night we went up to Crystal Park (beautiful Mountain community) to visit Aunt Linda and Uncle Johnny. Daddy took us all on an ATV ride. SO fun! Oh did I mention we are having a blast with Grandma visiting? Ellie has decided to call her : "Pokey"
Okay, so this is this morning right before E and I went to school. He loves his new red backpack and and even took an apple to his teach for the first day of school. (His Idea)
Here is Ethan in his class room WIth his teacher Mrs Abbs. He was ready and said to me ..." Mommy, I thought you were leaving!" Over all he did really well, just a little bit of nerves before we went in. I can't beleive my little boy is growing up so fast.


Kristin said...

Way to go Ethan!! Hope you are loving preschool!

2p said...

OMG! Ethan looks like he loves it. How did you do, Nicole? I can't believe he's in school already! Is it public/church/etc?

Rachel said...

how adorable is he!!! I can't believe he started preschool... wow! He looks like he's loving it.