Saturday, July 12, 2008

Drum set #3

Okay, so we are suckers for good deals. Rich went to Good Will yesterday searching for something, I'm not quite sure what. But he immediately found this treasure. and as we are avidly trying to encourage a love/talent for music in our kids.... we knew Ethan would love to resume his passion for drumming. He has already pounded his way through two cheap toddler drum sets. So we thought it time to get a "good" set and see if he really embraces this talent. If so we'll eventually get him some lessons. Until then, we have Ethan and the drums quarantined in the guest bedroom with the doors shut. Surprise Ethan!
Ellie, with a somewhat natural smile and ... My roses are turning out quite nice. you can see a few of the bushes along the fence behind Missy. I really love this one in the vase.
He has a pretty good rhythm going.

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2p said...

Wow, that's a real drum set! We were going to upgrade SP's broken $15 set to a junior set but the grandparents beat us to it. I must say, though, Sean still doesn't do that beat on the cymbal and snare that Ethan was doing a long time ago. I'm glad you're nurturing his talent, and I do think it's a talent, for music/drums. Love you guys!