Friday, July 13, 2012

Hiking and Camping Summer 2012

This was an evening in early June... a beautiful sunset and view of our home.

Above,  the kids goofing off with their buddies that have now moved to TN. Sniff Sniff..
Camping at Monarch Park near Salida.

 A night out at Phantom Canyon with cousin Bobby and our good buddy Derek who was passing through town. Great food, Great Friends.
 Claire's first time fishing. She loved it.

 Collin and Ethan fishing (or not fishing) at Monarch  Park Campground.

 Ellie , so excited to catch her first fish. And Ethan taking care of the fish for her.
 Above, a hike up to Palmer Lake's Reseviors.
 The kids playing in the stream in Manitou Springs.
 The hammock in our backyard . One of our favorite places in the whole world!
 Strawberry harvest time.

Dad and me... and Claire. 

 Here we are . The top of Pike's Peak. What a great train ride.

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