Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Strawberry time!

yummy... homemade scones to go with my strawberries.
Wednesday, today we had another fruitful batch of Strawberries. Ellie was very helpful today. She didn't even want to eat them because she said "we have to save them for the Jelly" Sadly, we had another bird get caught up in the net and this one didn't make it.

Yesterday's batch. Looking good. We put up some bird wiring so finally they can't get to my berries. Update*** Bird got caught this evening in bird netting. But we were able to cut it out. Hopefully this doesn't happen a lot. Today's batch below. I've started the canning process and hope to have some good strawberry preserves in a few hours.

if I could only keep my Ellie from eating them all.

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