Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mimi and Papa visit June '09

Mimi and Papa step out for a beautiful shot in front of Pikes Peak as we journeyed down Rampart Range Road. Ethan's first Scrabble game ever ,with Mimi. Not sure who won.

A different vista of Pikes Peak.
Super Daddy pulling double duty... both kids. Ethan got tired.

Upon return from a great little hike up at Mueller State Park. We found the pond so they should change the name!
(Just imagine the whistling of the Andy Griffith theme song )
Pre-hike lunch...
Quality cuddle time with Mimi and Papa...

A fantastic surprise upon Mimi and Papa's arrival.(they stored it in their Camper freezer for the journey north) What a perfect Texas treat. We are rationing it out.
Some summer fun flying kites...

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