Sunday, May 18, 2008

Texas Game Warden Randy Harper

We are so proud of Richard's brother Randy. This week he graduated from the Game Warden Academy of Texas. After eight grueling months of wrestling alligators , shooting guns, academics and all kinds of other stuff...he is all done.He reports to Limestone county June 1.
Texas our Texas... the graduation was held at the Capitol in Texas . Rick Perry, the Texas Governor, was the key note speaker. I could tell I was in Texas when the prayer was prayed in the name of Jesus Christ. And then , the speeches repeated Christian themes all through out. I was very proud. Sadly, the one chance I had to take Randy's photo with the Governor, he turned around. So, pictured below is Randy getting penned and then posing with several officials and ... Rick Perry's right shoulder.
We are all very proud of Randy. Congratulations!
Above, is Randy, Mama Harper, Richard and Vicki


Rachel said...

i love that cowboy hats are part of the uniform! Being from NJ that is just a sight I've never seen :) Congrats to him. I know you said it really was his dream and that is quite an accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

I did a Google search and ran across your site. I graduated with Randy at the Capitol and just wanted to add my 2 cents. Out the the 36 of us that were in that academy, Randy was BY FAR the hardest working cadet there. Anytime there was any work to be done he was there. He is a truly a class act and I'm honored to call him a friend. The state of Texas is blessed to have him in its service.

God Bless you and your family,

Robb Furlow

Anonymous said...

A Fellow Warden...

I too ran across this website and I too graduated with Randy and let me say that he is a great guy. I was his "neighbor" in the academy and I must agree with Robb about Randy's work ethic and attitude. I am glad to have him as one of my brothers in our Game Warden Family.

Best Wishes to The Harper Family

Gene Fernandez