Monday, January 7, 2008

Camping in our new home-Still waiting on furniture to arrive

Well, painting gets old... so Saturday we decided to venture out and check out some of this beautiful creation that we live amongst. We drove up the road just a bit to Woodland Park -about 30 mins away.It, as you can see it is so beautiful. Richard and I just can't believe we actually live so near this. Blessed are we!Cripple Creek... Old mining town turned into casinos and hotels and shops...

"Garden of the Gods" This is a beautiful park right here in Colorado Springs. The Red cliffs are amazing. Great Hiking and horse back riding.
Ethan loved getting to help daddy shovel after the early morning snow. The weather changes so quickly here. 30 minutes later the sky was grey and snowy again... We sludged our way to church. Richard and I really enjoy the sermon and P& W.. But the kids both cried while in the nursery. Hopefully by next week they will be ready to try again. In two weeks I hope to join a MOPS group here in town. I hope they do well there.

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Kristin said...

How beautiful! Hope we can visit sometime!