Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloweens Past....

To go through and find these pictures was so fun. 2007 when we lived in DC, Ellie was almost One in the pic above.
Above, Ethan was 2. That was during his serious bull riding phase.
Ahh yes,2008 now below was when we had moved to Colorado. Ethan(3) was Robin hood, and sometimes Peter Pan in that costume that I made. Ellie(1) was a butterfly. They were so cute!

The next year, 2009 Ellie below with Ethan trick or treating.
2010, They have changed so much since last year. I will post pics after tonight. Happy Halloween everyone.

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WhitneyC said...

Very cute, Nic! The kids are so precious! One day they'll be thankful that you have kept such a neat journal of their lives with pictures! Miss y'all!