Monday, August 16, 2010

E's first day of Kindergarten

Ethan in Mrs Stevens class today. Parents saying farewell.

These are the before pictures. I'm not sure if Richard will take any pictures at school. E wants just daddy taking and picking him up today. I'm pretty sure I would be a basket case. Hopefully we'll get some more pictures before the day is out.

Here he goes.... Unlike my days... no yellow school bus.... parent chauffeur instead.


Jon Sheptock Family said...

Wow, so big. I can't believe it! Hope he had a wonderful day. He's so handsome & sweet! Anna starts 3rd grade Wed, she's so excited. I hope you're feeling well and the baby comes soon, I know how hard the end is! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Kindergarten already! It's unbelievable how much your kids have grown. He is looking so grown up!