Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One of our favorite hiking spots: The Crags

We found this great little spot to hang out, snack and play in an icy mountain stream while Richard did a trail run.

This was the first stream spot and then we did the little hike up to the nex one. (previous picturs)

Ethan is making a sad face because he had lost the rock that was tied on to his stick fishing pole.
my little trooper . These days she even wants to go hiking in her skirts and dresses.

Daddy and E goofing off.

My warrior son... or as he calls himself : a saver
Ethan and Ellie love it when our K9 friend, Kiko comes to stay. I don't know that their love is reciprocated. (as you can see)
My Jedi knight in training.

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