Saturday, November 14, 2009

Birthday Party for Ethan and Elllie!

We had Ellie and Ethan's birthday party today. It was a hit. We decide to do a Breakfast Pajama party for the kids. All the kids were invited for breakfast and fun to celebrate Ethan and Ellie's day. EThan and ELlie before their guests arrive below. Ethan with his first guest , Emily. All pajammad cute!

With the help my fiend, Kristen I made this Pink Barbie princess cake and Ethan a chocolate cupcake cake.

Ellie - exhausted and watching some of her friends play with her new toys.

Presents= chaos

More pictures too come.

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Jon Sheptock Family said...

The kids are so sweet/cute. I Love the pigtails.. Pajama party, great idea, I might steal that one! Hope you're all doing great, we really missed all of you this past Sunday at Chloe's First Bday party!