Thursday, July 16, 2009

Aunt Kay and the gang visit CS.

Aunt Kay, Kim, Uncle Donald, Alex and Jim came for a visit here to Colorado Springs. We had a very busy few days visiting some of the fun tourist hot spots around the area. Good times on the back porch. Our Texas relatives enjoying the cool Colorado evenings.
Nice Picture looking back at the town of Cripple Creek. You can see the continental divide in the background.

The Cog Railway up to the top pf Pikes Peak was very cool. We have driven up a couple times, but this was a whole new perspective. I highly reccommend it for anyone touring the Front Range. This pic is near the very top, somewhere close to 14,110 ft.

We took a scenic drive back to the Springs from Canyon city and the Royal Gorge and Uncle Donald couldn't resist the little Mountain Fire Stations. (He has been a volunteer fireman for 30 years)

The Royal Gorge Train was very cool. Nice to be out on an open deck riding a train through cliffs along side the rushing Arkansas River. I did spot one Big Horn Sheep.

All smiles.

Fun at Buck skin Joes. It is a great little wild west town with a cowboy gun show , magic show, and lots of fun old west buildings to walk through.
Uh Oh! Ethan and Ellie both in Jail!

The "tilted" room... so cool. Who knew we could have so much fun in there trying to defy gravity?
oh and...
I took the kids crawdad fishin' with a friend last week up at Palmer Lake. Fun Stuff.

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