Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ethan's Pre-School Spring Program

Well, it was a smash. Ethan did so great. We are so proud of him this time. He actually participated and sang and did the motions. Of course he knew that we were going out for Ice Cream afterwards. Who wouldn't sing their heart out for some ice cream? His little buddy Ava got a little nervous, as you can see. Here is one of E really getting into it . Unfortunatly this camera didn't capture great pics(bad lighting and we were too far away), but I did take some with the good ol' 35 mm too.
Ellie just loved getting a night out on the town and seeing so many kids.
Okay now this little video was taken with R's Blackberry so the quality is very poor. Mostly I'm putting this on here for Grandma, Paboo ,Mimi and Pappa to see. If you do watch, Ethan is front and center with a green shirt and jeans. A girl in a black dress is to the right of him. Enjoy!