Wednesday, December 17, 2008

R.I.P SADIE Dec 3,1992- November 26, 2008

We lost Sadie last month She was 16 years old. Sadie was the best dog in the world and will be hard to are a few pictures of her from through the years.

Sadie, just a few weeks old outside in our back yard in Prestonwood, in Houston Texas. Wasn't she so cute? One of Sadie's favorite things to do was to play fetch. She did this everyday for the first 14 years of her life... Then lost interest. This photos was probably in 2003

This was a proud moment for us and Sadie. She won the 1st place ribbon in the 2005 Bolling AFB 4th of July Picnic Dog trick competition.
This is my favorite picture of Sadie. In our first base house on Bolling. I think she was waiting for me to throw the tennis ball.
Camping this past summer here in Colorado.

All of us on Lake Travis this past summer. Sadie loved to swim too.

This was on a hike up to some falls here in CO, this past summer. Not bad for a 15.5 year old dog.

Sadie with Ellie a year ago December. Ellie was 1, Sadie was 15.
Ethan, 9 months old Aug 2005 chillin' with Sadie.

We love and miss Sadie...


2p said...

I'm so sorry about Sadie. She obviously led a full and happy life!

Kristin said...

So sorry to hear about Sadie, she was such a sweet dog!

Kathleen Givens said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. We had our own Sadie, a Yellow Lab, for 16 years, so I know just how you feel. Such great spirits, aren't they?