Friday, October 31, 2008

FUN Halloween !

We went up to the church for a little fun and games tonight. Robin Hood and Pretty Butterfly had fun throwing balls, fishing, and just looking at all the other kids all dressed up. Pictured is Ethan checking ducks for numbers to get candy. Ellie was so excited to get to wear makeup and glitter. She thoroughly enjoyed all the attention.
I did not get any good pics of Ethan head on. We had to catch him on the move... You know Robin hood ... he's so sly...

Ellie had fun seeing her girlfriend, Ava there. Wasn't she an adorable little pirate? Oh and I just noticed Ethan in the background below.
Mimi had fun picking up the kids from Ethan's school dress up party. You can sort of see Ethan's costume here. We were all ready for Ethan to be the famous Pecos Bill Cowboy for his School Storybook party and then Halloween... But after a serious change of Idenity... Ethan HAD to be Robin Hood. So I had to throw this costume together. But it was fun. Almost as cute as our Bull Rider last year.

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Rachel said...

They both looked adorable!